Music From The Jilted Generation Vol. 3 (The Prodigy Fans Album)

This is the third release of The Prodigy fans album on Brainkiller Prodigy fan site, a product of contest for Prodigy fans which are also music makers, this is compilation of great tracks which is similar to the previous release.




01. High Voltage – Scissors
02. The Phase – Fallen
03. Necronomicon – Cheesebutt Nosegrinder
04. Studio Star – Act Of Sodomy
05. Dust Project – Darwin is dead
06. Centurion – HyperPressing
07. Thermonuclearity – Scarlet
08. Ant4000b – Decadence
09. Subwoofer – Disconnective
10. Rolmo – Bakkana_Roona
11. Grinny Grandad – Poetry9
12. Kolano – First Contact
13. Stormyca – Megamix vol3


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