Music FromThe Jilted Generation Vol. 4 (The Prodigy Fans Album)

This is the fourth release of the Prodigy fans album on the Brainkiller Prodigy fan site, a product of the contest for the Prodigy fans which are music makers, the compilation is great but it feels more like the experiment rather than something you expect from the series which is known for being heavy, dark and angry, there are exceptions but not much.




01. High Voltage – Evidently Chickentown
02. Grinny Grandad – Black, White & Ginger
03. Fusion – Saadhu
04. Aquila – White chocolate
05. Cycerin – Castle_Crashers
06. Lothario – Why Won’t You Die
07. Baltars Dream – Apocalypse girl
08. Kolano vs Alien Prophecies – Get Ready
09. Necronomicon2 – WIXKID
10. Jesse Gorter – The Demon Princess
11. Spencer – Avengers
12. SenadB – Punk


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