Remixes From The Jilted Generation – AONO Remixes

This is the remixed version of the AONO album of The Prodigy which is a product of the contest on the Brainkiller fan site, this is great release but it doesn’t stand out as some Prodigy fans albums do because it was more an attempt and experiment which was suppose to result with new AONO experience and thats not easy and i’m not sure if it was succesful.




01. Spitfire – Senadb mix
02. Girls – Stillshot mix
03. Memphis Bells – Phoenix mix
04. Get up Get off – Outcry mix
05. Hotride – Aquila mix
06. Action Radar – ReZivor mix
07. Medusas Path – DasFish mix
08. Phoenix – El Barto mix
09. You ll be under my wheels – Scarface mix
10. The Way It Is – Kolano mix
11. Shoot Down – Crazyboy mix


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