The Prodigy Remixes Collection – Unofficial/Obscure

This is more serious collection of Prodigy remixes which are mostly rare, unknown and obscure and there are only few more familiar. There are many different remixes with quality and taste issues, anyway this is cool stuff and i think there is something for everybody here. Enjoy.

the prodigy fans audio defense new remixed cover 1 2



  1. Always Outsiders Never Outdone (Prodigy Remixed)
  2. Android (The Pope vs Ian Paisley Mix)
  3. Anon Vs. Prodigy – Everybody In The Place
  4. babys got a temper (sherwood royal disco mix)
  5. Black Smoke (Rapraiz Black Ass Mix)
  6. Breathe (Adam Mansell Remix)
  7. Breathe (Crazy Bass Remix)
  8. Breathe (David Guetta 2010 Remix)
  9. Breathe (David Guetta Private Bootleg)
  10. breathe (hinnergy_rmx)
  11. Breathe (Kazakhstan Remix)
  12. Breathe 2003 (Instrumental Club Mix)
  13. Breathe 2003 (Instrumental Radio Edit)
  14. Charlie (Speed Garage remix)
  15. charly (peo de pitte remix)
  16. Charly Start The Warriors Dance (DzhYn)
  17. Charly Zinc (Myspace rip Stasz xD )
  18. Climbatize 2002 (Christophe D’ Abuc mix)
  19. cut and run – outta space (profanation likes to cover mix)
  20. dj deekline presents cut and run – outta space (booty space extended mix)
  21. everybody in the place (crn 2004 remix)
  22. Faithless ft. Prodigy – We come one (Ben Liebrand mix)
  23. firestarter (skazi_remix)
  24. Funky Shit (The Second Division Remix)
  25. Girls (Another Mix Feat. Nerd)
  26. Girls (Full Club Mix)
  27. Girls (Rex the Dog Remix)
  28. Hyperspeed (Alumina Ingo Mix)
  29. Hyperspeed (Cycle Sphere Remix)
  30. I Love Charlie (C.N.M. Remix)
  31. Inhale (White Label) (16th Street mix)
  32. Invaders Must Die (Azeriff Disconstruction Remix)
  33. Max B. Grant Vs. Prodigy – No Good 2004
  34. Mindfields (Resurrection Of The Prodigy Dancers)
  35. Music Reach (Bad Wisdom remix 2)
  36. narayan (red remix)
  37. No Good (2007 Remix)
  38. No Good (Eskimo Rmx)
  39. no good (ingo mix)
  40. No Good (DJ SS Remix)
  41. no good (saradis mix three)
  42. no good (saradis shameless dub)
  43. no good (saradis shameless ripoff mix)
  44. No Good (Start The Dance) (Lexicon Revenue Mix)
  45. Omen (DJ Melloffon Radio Remix 2009)
  46. Omen (La Dolce Vita ominous edit)
  47. Omen (Rush Cow d’n’b remix)
  48. Omen (SynSUN Remix)
  49. Out Of Spase (Skazi Remix)
  50. outta space (dj deekline bootleg remix)
  51. outta space (dnb remix)
  52. Prodigy – Breathe The Editz (JPL)
  53. Prodigy – Smack My Bitch Up (Mantrix Electro Mix)
  54. prodigy vs unknown – droid
  55. prodigy vs unknown – start the fire
  56. Rock’N’Roll (The Second Division Remix)
  57. Smack My Bitch Up (D-Nox Vs Beckers Rmx)
  58. Smack My Bitch Up (Guitars On Acid Remix)
  59. Smack My Bitch Up (Hard Club Mix)
  60. smack my bitch up (jakob carrison remix)
  61. Smack My Bitch Up (Remix by KoZ)
  62. Smack My Bitch Up (Richard Durand Remix)
  63. smack my bitch up (seb fontaine remix)
  64. Smack My Bitch Up (Slacker Mix)
  65. Spitfire (Omen Progressive House Remix 2006)
  66. Take Me To The Hospital (King Cannibal Remix)
  67. Take Me To The Supervisor (DzhYn)
  68. The Fat Mixes
  69. The Prodigy Vs Basement Jaxx – Smack My Bitch UpWheres Your Head At (Mixed by DJ Bruce)
  70. the prodigy vs christan hoff – smack my bitch up
  71. The Prodigy Vs Storm – No good [Time to burn]
  72. The Prodigy vs UK Gold – No Good
  73. the prodigy vs unknown – bootamodium
  74. The Prodigy vs. Dj OnioN – Music From the WEB
  75. The Prodigy vs. Liberty X – Little Mindfield
  76. The Prodigy vs. Pain – Shut Your Mouth & Disel Power
  77. The Way It Is (Quivver Miami Edit)
  78. Their Law (Aries Remix)
  79. Voodoo People (Eskimo Remix) – gti
  80. voodoo people (jakob_carrison rmx)
  81. Voodoo People (Sienis Remix)
  82. Voodoo People (X-Ray vs. Junya remix)
  83. voodoo people (zyznik drum and bass rmx)
  84. voodoo person
  85. Warning (Backstage Sluts Remix)
  86. Warning (Geust Has No Shame Remix)
  87. Warriors dance (Hadouken Remix)
  88. We Eat Rhythm (Jungle Remix)
  89. You ll Be Got A Temper (DzhYn Under Wheels Mix)
  90. Your Love 2003 (Rave Club Mix)



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