Always Outsiders Never Outdone (The Prodigy Remixed) (2005)

the prodigy fans audio defense crest logo 1 1This is a remixed version of AONO album, this is a remix project similar to the one that was done for the Push The Button album by The Chemical Brothers. Most of the remixes dont have greater quality and they have a mashup style, anyway this is cool release and is interesting, every Prodigy fan should give this a try.




01-Spitfire (FakeIDs Evolution)
02-Girls (Idiotech Remix)
03-Jungle Bells (Dunproofin Mix)
04-Get Up Get Off (Fujikato & Dancingdiscoduke Remix)
05-Hotride (Poj Mix)
06-Been Up Long (Falsedawn)
07-Action Radar (FakeID Mix)
08-Medusa Bitch (Cry On My Console)
09-Phoenus (Pop Razors)
10-You Will Be Under My Satanic Wheels (Act Of Dog)
11-The Way It Is (Elektric Cowboy)
12-Shoot Down (Fujikato Remix)


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