Flip The Switch (Push The Button Remixes) (2005)

the prodigy fans audio defense crest logo 1 1This is a remixed version of Push The Button album, this is a remix project by practically the same people that remixed AONO album of The Prodigy, remixes are not bad but they dont have a greater quality since some of them have a mashup style anyway this is cool bootleg release and every Chemical Bros fan should try out this.




01 – The Chemical Brothers – Galvanise (Cry.On.My.Console’s Galvatron Remix Feat. Katie Enlow)
02 – The Chemical Brothers – The Boxer (Fujikato’s Unusual Remix)
03 – The Chemical Brothers – Belive (Belief, Elektric Cowboy)
04 – The Chemical Brothers – Hold Tight London (Dunproofin’s Follow Me Mix Feat. Katie Enlow)
05 – The Chemical Brothers – Come Inside (Fakeid’s Elektrophunk Dub)
06 – The Chemical Brothers – The Big Jump (Backflip, Will Rokier)
07 – The Chemical Brothers – Left Right (Joolsmf Shoot’em Up Mix)
08 – The Chemical Brothers – Close Your Eyes (Idiotech Remix)
09 – The Chemical Brothers – Shake Break Bouce (Mcsleazy Remix)
10 – The Chemical Brothers – Marvo Ging (Big Bad Baz)
11 – The Chemical Brothers – Surface To Air (Across The Air, Lenlow, Feat. Katie Enlow)


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