Junkie XL – Remixes (1997 – 1999)

the prodigy fans audio defense crest logo 1 1This is a compilation of remixes Junkie XL made while producing big beat and electronica music, this is not the best stuff from that period but it’s interesting, these remixes are actualy rare and not very known.




01. Fear Factory – Burn (Junkie Xl ‘flashpoint’ Remix)
02. Dog Eat Do – Step Right In (Junkie Xl Mix)
03. Project Pitchfork – Carnival (Junkie Xl Remix)
04. Fear Factory – Cyberdyne (Junkie Xl Remix)
05. Kong – Yellow Mystic (Junkie Xl Remix)
06. Fear Factory – Genetic Blueprint (Junkie Xl Remix)
07. Fear Factory – Refueled (Junkie Xl Remix)
08. Tanith – T.A.N.I.T.H. (Junkie Xl Remix)
09. (Hed) P.E. – Serpent Boy (Junkie Xl ‘rock Da Beat’ Mix)
10. Fear Factory – Descent (Junkie Xl ‘falling Deeper’ Mix)
11. Soulfly – Umbabarauma (Junkie Xl ‘world Cup’ Mix)



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