The Prodigy – Fan Remixes (Juges Prodigy Net)

the prodigy fans audio defense crest logo 1 1This is a collection of remixes of Prodigy tracks done by the fans which are music makers and it comes from Juges Prodigy Net website. Most of this remixes are done for fun and only some of them have serious quality but i think that there is something interesting for everybody here.

the prodigy fans audio defense new remixed cover 1 2



1. 3 kilos (DJ Wannabe Mix)
2. action radar (BanKuKenaS RMX)
3. Babys Got A Temper (DJ Evacuator Drum Bass Super Mix)
4. Babys Got A Temper (DJ KaiseR Mix)
5. Babys Got A Temper (EXistation Remix)
6. Babys Got A Temper (Funky Jesus Mix)
7. Break And Enter (SP’s D+B Mix)
8. Breathe(Technophobic Remix)
9. Breathe (DJ Braindrain Mix)
10. Breathe 2003 (Da White Instrumental Club Mix)
11. Breathe 2003 (Da White Instrumental Radio Edit)
12. carmen queasy(Never Ever Kickin Off) (The Second Division Remix)
13. Charly (Lothario Mix)
14. Charly (Motor Mix)
15. Everybody In The Place (PoisonPro’s ‘back in 1991’mix)
16. Firestarter(Eminent UK)
17. Firestarter(ShootingStars)
18. Firestarter (DJ Tommy Psycho Trip Mix)
19. Firestarter (Profane Remix)
20. First Warning (Rolmo s Vocal Mix)
21. Fuel My Fire (Hellish Mix)
22. Full Throttle (Electronica Mix)
23. Full Throttle (Lothario Mix)
24. Funky Shit (Happy Gilmore Mix)
25. Funky Shit (Skrech Remix)
26. Funky Shit (Skunk Remix)
27. Funky Shit (The Second Division Remix)
28. Girls (BanKuKenaS RMX)
29. Girls (Beatmaster JML Mix)
30. Girls (bitchslap remix)
31. Girls (Chill Out Girls)
32. Girls (Cossack Remix)
33. Girls (Deviated Mix)
34. Girls (Jaimie Fanatic remix)
35. Girls (MoreGirls BigSugar Amalgamation FanMix)
36. Girls (Nasty Remix)
37. Girls (Professor Zoom Mix)
38. invaders must die-milo-firewater-remix
39. Invaders Must Die (Dean Del Remix)
40. Invaders Must Die (SLIKANEE Remix)
41. Invaders Must Die (Splitloop edit)
42. Little Goblin (Rolmos rollover Mix)
43. Mindfields (M@DN355 m@ddn@ version)
44. Minefields (StarCraft Techno Mix)
45. Narayan (Ben Lewis Remix)
46. Narayan (Red Square Echo) (The Second Division Remix)
47. No Good (Aquila’s Electrofunk remix)
48. No Good (Justmade Remix)
49. No Good (Neoraider Rave Remix)
50. One Man Army (The Second Division Remix)
51. Poison [Da White Out Of Rule RMX]
52. Rock and Roll (The Second Division Remix)
53. Voodoo People (saku and theant hysterical rmx)
54. Skylined (Whatever Remix)
55. Smack My Bitch Up (Da White Hard Club Mix)
56. Smack My Bitch Up (Devolved Mix)
57. Smack My Bitch Up (Drostmix)
58. Smack My Bitch Up (Lothario Coke Mix)
59. Smack My Bitch Up II (M@DN355 – m@ddn@ inferno version)
60. Spitfire (M@DN355 – heavy reloaded)
61. The Prodigy (Baby D) – Casanova [n-joy’s remix]
62. Their Law (Arie’s Remix)
63. Voodoo People (2002 ConKuss Mix)
64. Voodoo People (Electronica Mix)
65. We Eat Rhythm(Eminent UK Remix)
66. Weather Experience (Pyro-C Chillout Mix)
67. What Evil Lurks(Eminent UK Remix)
68. Your Love 2003 (Da White Promo Mix)


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