Meat Beat Manifesto – Fans Who Are Musicians (2002)

the prodigy fans audio defense crest logo 1 1This is a remix project of Meat Beat Manifesto by the fans whic are music makers. There is some good stuff here and every MBM fan should check this out, i think this is a cool tribute to Meat Beat Manifesto.

meat beat manifesto new remixed cover 2 copy



1. Hello Teenage America (Is Teenage America In The Mode Of Thinking Fast ? Remix)
Remix – Eight Frozen Modules
2. Strap Down (Robbin’ The ‘Licka Store’ Remix)
Remix – Adrian Cabassa, Willie Lister
3. Acid Again (Remix)
Remix – Adrian Cabassa, Willie Lister
4. I Am Electro (I.A.M.E.L.E.C.T.R.O. Remix)
Remix – Basin Jently
5. Not Playing God (Not Playing Solitaire Remix)
Remix – Basin Jently
6. She’s Unreal (Tension Remix)
Remix – Disco Room
7. Horn Of Jericho (Remix)
Remix – Exillon
8. Original Control (Remix)
Remix – iNTROSPEKT (2)
9. Circles (Circles Vs. Spheres (Extended Ellipse) Remix)
Remix – Hexane
10. Helter Skelter (Remix)
Remix – Line Noise
11. Acid Again (I Live 4 Drugz Remix)
Remix – MJK (2)
12. Radio Babylon (Radio Halcyon Remix)
Remix – Resident Lab
13. 10x Faster Than The Speed Of Love (3 BPM Faster Than The Terrordome Remix)
Remix – Resident Lab
14. Helter Skelter (Have A Good Day ! Remix)
Remix – Ron West (3)
15. Wild Life (Cerulean Mix)
Remix – Thread (2)
16. Original Control (Stamford / Cornwall Remix)
Remix – Topher


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