Music From The Jilted Generation Vol. 5 (The Prodigy Fans Album)

the prodigy fans audio defense crest logo 1 1This is another edition of The Prodigy fans album by the Brainkiller Prodigy fan site, it’s good that this project still lives, this volume is quite a bit different than the most of the previous ones, this is simply more modern stuff, the tracks are different by the feel and style, but it’s good that the Prodigy fans from the Brainkiller fan site still have to offer us something.




01. Thermonuclearity – Aphonia
02. High Voltage – Iron Machine
03. RISE-Music die
04 – $$ – Fake
05. Progress Is Made – Overboard
06. Nim – Burnin’
07. Lockdown – Serenity
08. Aquila – the girl in the forest
09. Grinny Grandad – Swim Fish
10. R.Ki – Positive Vibes
11. Jesse Gorter feat Allomerus – The Way She Moves
12. NEOREV – Wildfire (Reign Of Fire Mix)



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