Pendulum – Immersion (2010)

Immersion is the third studio album by Australian band Pendulum. The album was released 21 May 2010 in Australia and Ireland, and 24 May for the rest of the world followed by a UK tour of the album. Immersion peaked at number 1 in the UK Official Top 40 charts in its first week of release. The album features collaborations with Liam Howlett of The Prodigy, Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree and the Swedish melodic death metal band In Flames. This is excellent stuff with a variaty of genres, varying from drum and bass and dubstep to breakbeat and electronic rock, this is a must listen to stuff.



1. Genesis
2. Salt In The Wounds
3. Watercolour
4. Set Me On Fire
5. Crush
6. Under The Waves
7. Immunize
8. The Island Pt.1 (Dawn)
9. The Island Pt.2 (Dusk)
10. Comprachicos
11. The Vulture
12. Witchcraft
13. Self Vs Self
14. The Fountain
15. Encoder


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