NeoRev – Traveling At A High Velocity On A Downward Trajectory (2003 – 2005)

the prodigy fans audio defense crest logo 1 1NeoRev is electronic music producer from New York and he is one of the participants in the first The Prodigy fans album in 2003 by the Brainkiller Prodigy fan web site. “Traveling At A High Velocity On A Downward Trajectory” is a collection of salvaged tracks, demos, and ideas from Neorev that were produced between 2003 to 2006. Unfortunately, Neorev would never be able to complete the album due to a computer failure that saw three years worth of music lost. Luckily, a data disc of unfinished material was all that was left. Neorev’s first official release “Lines & Shapes” would not happen until 2009, which consisted of tracks produced from 2006 until 2009. Neorev decided to release this early collection of tracks for listeners to hear the building blocks of what was to come. A remastered re-release is in the works, with Neorev picking the best of the three discs worth of material to re-edit and clean up for a proper take on what would have been the first official Neorev album. You can listen album here.



1. Crank This Shit Up
2. Brutal
3. Step Up 2 Dis
4. Amplify Your Mind
5. Do It Like That
6. Drastic
7. Go Berserk
8. Infect ‘Em
9. Let Me See If You Can Dance
10. Momentum
11. Lost In The Moment
12. Let The Panic Set In
13. Nothing Is Real
14. Coming On Strong
15. Poseidon’s Lament
16. Ravin’ Lunatic

Listen NeoRev – Traveling At A High Velocity On A Downward Trajectory


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