Colombo – Abandoned Factory (2012)

‘Abandoned Factory’ is the brand new album from Spanish producer and DJ Colombo. Through its 14 tracks, Colombo takes us on an exploration into a range of tempos, with an overall inspiration directly from the late 90s Big Beat era. There’s touches of Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim with a dash of Monkey Mafia throughout, and focusses on plenty of classic old school breakbeats and driving gnarly basslines as it’s central sound. There is a nostalgic array of old school meets nuskool in every track. This is very great and unique release that is so much worth of listening to for every old skool 90’s fan.

colombo abandoned factory front




01. Gods
02. The Place To Be
03. Deja Vu
04. Let The Bass Go
05. Get Down!
06. Funky Alloy
07. Rusty Cutter
08. Molten Metal
09. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Blast
10. Acrux
11. Put This Beat To Rest
12. Sediments
13. We Are Back
14. Divine Magic



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