Strictly Nuskool Vol.1 By Strictly NuSkool Blog (2014)

This is the first great release by the Strictly Nuskool blog, it features music from various nurave producers which covers styles like hardcore breaks, old skool hardcore and jungle. This compilation is practically a showcase of rave/hardcore music as it is today, by the way, the genre is still doing very well producing the quality stuff. Beside the standard productions from todays nurave scene here is also featured a very good remix of The Prodigy’s ‘No Good’ track. This release is available for free to download through the Strictly Nuskool blog facebook page.

snb vol 1 strictly nu skool blog front



01. Motiv – Humanity
02. DJ Owl – OK
03. Dogheads – Squalid State (Paul Cronin Mental Mix)
04. Pursuit – Didnt I Show You Love
05. Nefti – Raw Power
06. DJ Mark C – Axe Factor (Remix)
07. Sparki Dee – Race Against Time
08. The Prodigy – No Good Start The Dance (Damage Inc. 2K13 VIP edit)
09. Chiqui – Rock The Beat
10. Orestiz – Ruffatest
11. AlexBreako – Deep Love pt1
12. SKRU – Playday
13. BeatRapist – Whistle Crew
14. Nicky Allen – I Have A Dream
15. Wordwide Epidemic – Night Train (Unreleased Mix)
16. Darkhalf – Its A Demo
17. Exit Point – Somebody


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