Music Playground Best of 2007 – 2011 (2011)

This is great noncommercial release of a community of electronic music artists/producers dedicated to noncommercial electronic music development and sharing. There is so much great music on this website and this release features the best stuff the community has made in the period between 2007 and 2011. Artists that are featured on this compilation are probably best known for their participation in the Prodigy fans albums by the Brainkiller Prodigy fans website. Music on this compilation covers various styles in the electronic music genre so there is electronica, house, breaks and other stuff in here. Anybody who was into The Prodigy fans albums will find something interesting and valuable in here too. This release is free. Check out the Music Playground website.




1. Two Tigers – Dunes
2. Studio Star – Bleeding Time
3. Studio Star – Shaker
4. High Voltage – The Drug Kick
5. Grinny Grandad – Bubba
6. Aquila – November Lights
7. Rolmo – Walk Like An Egyptian
8. Ulonix – Dsko
9. Necronomicon2 – Don’t Do Drugs
10. Lothario – Dirt Mirror
11. Lothario – Chipstorm
12. A Boy And His Rocket – To The Moon
13. Grinny Grandad – Green Apples



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