Freeland – Now & Them (2003)

This is a debut album by the Adam Freeland as an artist, Adam Freeland is a pioneer and master of nu skool breaks and this is one of the more serious releases in the world of breaks, there are a lot of different music influences in this release like punk, hip hop, electro, rock and other and thats why are these breaks so powerfull, every song is totally different from the other so this album is realy worth of listening, some of the more popular songs of this release are ‘We want your soul’, ‘Mind killer’ and ‘Heel ‘n’ Toe’. This release has practically became a classic. You can listen to the whole album here.

adam freeland now them



1. Adam Freeland – We Want Your Soul (5:07)
2. Adam Freeland – Mind Killer (3:28)
3. Adam Freeland – Burn The Clock (5:52)
4. Adam Freeland – Big Wednesday (5:33)
5. Adam Freeland – Heel ‘n’ Toe (4:33)
6. Adam Freeland – Physical World (1:17)
7. Adam Freeland – Supernatural Thing (5:12)
8. Adam Freeland – Reality 3D (4:59)
9. Adam Freeland – L.I.F.E. (6:19)
10. Adam Freeland – Nowism (4:56)



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