The Prodigy Classics Mixtapes By Tony D (2013)

the prodigy fans audio defense crest logo 1 1Tony D is a dj and old skool hardcore music lover and as big Prodigy fan he has done 2 mixtapes of Prodigy classics which are chronological in the order of singles releases so there  is one mixtape that covers all the tracks from ‘what evil lurks’ 12″ to the ‘wind it up’ 12″ and there is other that covers tracks from ‘one love’ 12″ to the ‘breathe’ 12″. There is a lot of tracks in these mixtapes and they are fast paced so it’s quite interesting to hear and go through the classic part of The Prodigy discography.

the prodigy fans audio defense new beats cover 1 1 copy

THE PRODIGY MIX : 91 – 93 …..[ every track release order from android – wind it up]



1. android
2. everybody in the place
3. what evil lurks
4. we gonna rock
5. charly:[original]
6. your love
7. pandemonium
8. everybody in the place:[fairground mix]
9. everybody in the place:[dancehall version]
10. charly:[alley cat remix]
11. rip up the sound system
12. crazy man
13. g force;pt 1 [energy flow]
14. fire:[burning version]
15. fire:[sunrise version]
16. jericho:[genaside 2 remix]
17. jericho:[original mix]
18. music reach 1234
19. wind it up
20. your love:[remix]
21. hyperspeed:[g force p2]
22. charly:[trip into drum and bass version]
23. out of space
24. everybody in the place:[155 & rising]
25. weather experience
26. ruff in the jungle bizness
27. death of the prodigy dancers:[live]
28. out of space:[techno underworld mix]
29. ruff in the jungle bizness:[uplifting vibes remix]
30. wind it up:[rewound]
31. we are the ruffest
32. weather experience:[top buzz remix]

THE 2nd PRODIGY MIX : 93 – 96….{ every track release order from one love – breathe}



1. one love:[original]
2. rhythm of life:[original]
3. full throttle:[original]
4. one love:[jonny l rmx]
5. no good [start the dance]:[original]
6. no good [start the dance]:[bad for you mix]
7. no good [start the dance]:[cj bolland museum mix]
8. intro
9. break & enter
10. their law feat. pop will eat itself
11. voodoo people
12. speedway {theme from fastlane]
13. the heat [the energy]
14. poison
15. 3 kilos
16. skylined
17. claustrophobic sting
18. voodoo people:[chemical brothers rmx]
19. goa [the heat the energy]:p2
20. speedway [theme from fastlane]:[secret knowledge rmx]
21. poison [95 eq]
22. poison;{environmental science dub mix]
23. rat poison
24. scienide
25. firestarter:[instrumental]
26. firestarter
27. firestarter;[empirion mix]
28. Molotov bitch
29. breathe


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