The Prodigy – MashUp Sessions Vol.2 By CJR Mix (2008)

the prodigy fans audio defense crest logo 1 1In 2006, CJR Mix released his widely successful JT vs The Prodigy – Sexy Girls are Back mix, which since then has gone onto receiving over 120,000 views on YouTube, and also gained an online release on the successful remix compilation album – The Prodigy – Mash Up Sessions Vol. 2 in 2008. There is a variety of mashups on the compilation and some are more fine than the others and i think that it doesnt get better than this when it comes to mashuping. Enjoy.




1. The Prodigy Vs 2 Unlimited – Daft Bitch Is Smacking At My Limit
2. The Prodigy Vs Alicia Keys And Neneh Cherry – My Buffalos Got A Babys Name
3. The Prodigy Vs Babamania – Class A Drugs
4. The Prodigy Vs Basement Jaxx – Wheres Your Breath At
5. The Prodigy Vs Britney Spears – Smack Me Baby One More Time
6. The Prodigy Vs Destinys Child – Lose My Spitfire
7. The Prodigy Vs Dizzee Rascal – Voodoo Rascal
8. The Prodigy Vs Enya And Brit Spears – Enya Smacks My Brit Up
9. The Prodigy Vs Ice Cube And Dmx – Their Law Be Clubbin
10. The Prodigy Vs Justin Timberlake – Sexy Girls Are Back
11. The Prodigy Vs Kelly Clarkson – Behind This Funky Shit
12. The Prodigy Vs Liberty X – Little Mindfield
13. The Prodigy Vs Madonna – Charly Music
14. The Prodigy Vs Moby And Public Enemy – Make Love Fuck Poison
15. The Prodigy Vs Outkast And Sean Paul – Hey Busy Temper
16. The Prodigy Vs White Stripes – Voodoo Stripes


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