How To Steal A Jet Fighter Era Files (Demos/Reworks/Fakes) (2012)

the prodigy fans audio defense crest logo 1 1This is a collection of files that are representing The Prodigy in the “How To Steal A Jet Fighter” era and all this files are either demos, reworks or fakes, there is not much specific information on them except that some of them are familiar and some are not and surely fake, that stuff shouldn’t be rejected automatically, anyway it’s interesting to listen to this while we anticipate the new album because who knows when is album coming out.

prodigy how to steal a jetfighter



01 dogbite

02 how to steal a jet fighter

03 trouble

04 ganja

05 venom

06 bidness

07 jetfighter

08 awol

09 scatta

10 death end


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