The Prodigy Fanboy Podcasts by GL0WKiD – Episode 1 (2013)

the prodigy fans audio defense crest logo 1 1This series of podcasts is a non profit try from The Prodigy Fanboy Team, representing the prodigy vibe & reuniting all ant maniacs wordwide! This is dope for all the Prodigy fans out there, and if you are not following the Glowkid on Mixcloud you should ’cause thats where the good Prodigy stuff is gonna come out, all kinds of Prodigy stuff is covered by this podcast so this is definetely interesting. Enjoy the good vibe.




01. Pandemonium (2012 Breaks Bootleg)
02. Warriors Dance (Future Funk Squads Rave Soldier Mix)
03. DJ Si-Dog – Breaks Are No Good For Me
04. Voodoo People (TDT Remix)
05. Thunder Dub (PRISM Reconstruction)
06. We Are The Ruffest (Original Mix)
07. Break & Enter (2005 Live Edit)
07. Wake The Fuck Up (Ninja Kore DNB Remix)
08. Their Law (Meatworks Remix)
09. Poison (Remix) (Unknown VS The Prodigy)
10. Smack My Bitch Up (Sub Focus Remix)
11. Hotride (Rapraiz Remix)
12. Hyperspeed (Alone Jump Up DNB Remix)
13. Out Of Space [Orestiz Refix]
14. Your Love [Remix] (Album Vers.)


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