The Prodigy Remixed – Top Old Skool Vs Nu Skool Bootlegs

the prodigy fans audio defense crest logo 1 1This is not official release/compilation, this is a collection of nu skool style remixes of old skool Prodigy tunes, these are top remixes and represent a quality blend of old skool and nu skool vibes. Dominating style of these remixes is breaks but there is some of dubstep but not much because the most of dubstep remixes of old skool stuff are not appropriate and solid. Listen and enjoy.

The Prodigy Remixed Old Skool To Nu Skool 2



1. Hyperspeed (G-Force part II) (Starchild remix)
2. Poison (Hundred And Ten Remix)
3. Break & Enter (2012 Breaks Bootleg)
4. Death of the Prodigy Dancers (Mr. Niceguy Remix)
5. Everybody In The Place ( Final Feverz Reworking)
6. Everybody in the Place (Mr. Niceguy Remix)
7. Fire (Acid Reflex remix)
8. Full Throttle (Nefti Hardcore Breaks Remix)
9. Hyperspeed (MORGUE Remix)
10. Pandemonium (2012 Breaks Bootleg)
11. We Are The Ruffest (Motivs Ruffest Breaks Mix)


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