The Prodigy Manchester Mighty Fuck Mix By Keewee Fruit

Fantastic mix of everything Prodigy by a fan Keewee Fruit: “Made a mix for the travel to three-days-Manchester-Mayhem Warehouse Party. Couldnt sleep so i did this mix within a night, 8 hours and lots of coffee and smiling. In first just for my own pleasure but also for everyone who likes The Prodigy. Used material and stuff i like and “edited” a bit around”. Enjoy the wide variety of Prodigy vibe in this compilation mix.

the prodigy fans audio defense new beats cover 1 1 copy



1. Mighty Fuck Intro (Fruit Edit)
incl. “Usual Suspects & The Dose Of Fun” Intro aka Space Intro
2. Worlds On Fire – Exit ’13
3. Break & Enter – DVD + Rapraiz ’05
4. Awol – Reworked
5. Warning – Warriors Vox Mix
6. Poison – Radio Maida Vale
7. Energy Flow – Axiom Edit
8. Hyperspeed – Morgue
9. Rhythm Of Life – Original
10 Time To Get Funky And Raw ’93
11. No Good ’96
12. One Love – Edit
13. Breathe – Baltars Dream Dubstep
14. Breathe ’96
15. Breathe ’09
16. Everybody In The Place ’10
17. Take Me To The Hospital ’09
18. Spitfire ’05
19. Funky Insomnia Mashup


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