The Chemical Brothers – Block Rockin’ Boots (2007)

This is a bootleg made of remixes and mashups by various practically unknown artists, it consists of two parts/compilations that are of practically same nature so to speak, this is not bad release but it’s not big in terms of quality because most of the stuff in this bootleg follows the patterns of mashups production, i think that the purpose of this release is to put classic Chemical Brothers stuff in to the different light and i think that these artists have practically succeded that more or less and you could say that this certainly gives that old stuff another spin and that is very welcome.

the chemical brothers block rockin b the chemical brothers block rockin boots part 2


Part 1:

01. DJ Schmolli – Oops Oh My Block Rockin’ Beats
02. DJ Moule – Dig It On
03. DJ BC – Big Bros Don’t Cry
04. ToToM – By The Time I Get Lost There Won’t Be Much Of A K Hole
05. ElectroSound – Galvanized Out There
06. DJ Reno – The Phantom Dance
07. The Illuminoids – We’re All Stress-A-Delik (USB Booji Star Boy Dick Mix)
08. The Chemical Brothers – Where Do I Begin (A Copycat Remix)
09. The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar (Party Ben’s A Big Bright Shining Star Remix)
10. El Barto & Liam B – I Feel Out Of Control
11. DJ Clive$ter – The Surface Of Saturday Night
12. The Chemical Brothers – Setting Sun (World Famous Audio Hacker Remix)
13. Lobsterdust – Everybody Do It Again
14. DJ Moule – Come With Us And Shout
15. DJ Zebra – Believe Tostaky

Part 2:

01. Copycat – I Always Begin Without You
02. ElectroSound – The Chemical Bomb
03. The Chemical Brothers – Let Forever Be (Go Home Productions remix)
04. Lobsterdust – Purple Bounce
05. SUYT – Tender Underground
06. Dj Reno – Eleonor Battle Scars
07. The Chemical Brothers – Chico’s Groove (DJ Earlybirds Acid Autobahn RMX)
08. World Famous Audio Hacker – Setting Sun (Hacker’s Hardcore Inferno)
09. The Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole (ATOM’s Countermobility Threat Mix)
10. Dunproofin’ – Salmon Mash
11. Ben Double M – Californian Air
12. Party Ben – Galvanize The Empire
13. ToToM – Tomorrow The Sun Never Sets
14. DJ Moule – Papa Was A Chemical


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