The Prodigy – The Fat Of The Land Remixed Edition (Unofficial)

This edition is much better than the previous one and i’m very pleased with these remixes, now there are few new killer bootlegs and this is quite serious now but i think that this issue is still far from over and probably there will be people that still wont enjoy this but if you ask me this is practically as good as it gets so try to enjoy.

The Fat Of The Land remixed Edition cover 3


1. Smack My Bitch Up (Louis La Roche Edit)
2. Breathe (Baltars Dream Dubstep Remix)
3. Diesel Power (Quarashi Remix)
4. Funky Shit (All Out Remix)
5. Serial Thrilla (Bloodsport Mix)
6. Mindfields (Monkey Mafia Mix)
7. Narayan (Diode Remix)
8. Firestarter (Monden’s Evil Remix)
9. Climbatize (Christopher D`Abuc Mix)
10. Fuel My Fire (Mayfair FM Cover)


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