The Prodigy Fans Albums (MFTJG) Top 10 Tracks (2014)

I wanted to do this for the whole time so here it is, i had to be serious about this and there are more good tracks that didn’t enter this selection, i think that there is a good point about this and its about good and serious music so to speak being made by ordinary and cool people if i may say. This music is not made for selling and thats one of the reasons why it’s so great. Volume 1 has won practically the quality issue in The Prodigy fans albums and there are 4 tracks from it in this selection. I think that this music should have more impact in The Prodigy community and beyond if you ask me because it’s practically underrated and this is some kind of my attempt to make easier entering in to The Prodigy fans music which is a part of The Prodigy universe by my opinion. Enjoy.

brainkiller fan albums cover



1. Botb – The Ronin (MFTJG Vol. 2)
2. Charrlybomb – Bang-Strikes (MFTJG Vol. 1)
3. High Voltage – Iron Machine (MFTJG Vol. 5)
4. Necronomicon – Cheesebutt Nosegrinder (MFTJG Vol. 3)
5. Necronomicon2 – WIXKID (MFTJG Vol. 4)
6. NeoRev – Crank this shit up (MFTJG Vol. 1)
7. Shaper – Acidfucker3 (MFTJG Vol. 2)
8. Shaper – Delta7 (MFTJG Vol. 1)
9. Studio Star – Act Of Sodomy (MFTJG Vol. 3)
10. Trans4mer – Thin Sleazy (MFTJG Vol. 1)


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