The Dust Brothers – Essential Mix (1995) (Restoration)

This is the original broadcast of the Dust Brothers Essential Mix transmitted on 10th September 1995, restored to its full 2 hour glory, it includes the news also. A very typical Tom & Ed set with Big Breaks, Scratching, Screaming Acid lines and old School Hip Hop. This Essential Mix is credited to “The Dust Brothers” as it was a few weeks later that they officially became “The Chemical Brothers”. Enjoy.

chemical brothers new  beats mix cover copy



1. Jean Jacques-Perrey – EVA (Vanguard)
2. Meat Beat Manifesto – Cutman (Play it Again Sam)
3. Schooly D – Housing the Joint (Jive)
4. Funkmaster Flex – Nuttin but Flavor (Wreck)
5. Spank Da Monkey – Down Side Up (Monkey Funk/Soul Trade)
6. Gunshot – Children of a Dying Breed (Vinyl Solution)
7. John Schroeder – Money Runner (Polydor)
8. Jedi Nights – May The Funk Be With You (Clear)
9. DJ Battery Brain – 8 Volt Mix (Long Version) (Techno Hop)
10. The Beastie Boys – 33% God (Capitol)
11. Bobby J – Check Out The Style (Stripped)
12. Double D & Steinski – Lesson 3 (History Of Hip Hop Mix) (Tommy Boy)
13. Carlos ‘After Dark’ Berrios – Doin’ It After Dark (D-Ski’s Dance) (ATCO)
14. Voyce – Within My Heart (ATCO)
15. Tim Love Lee – Again Son (Peace Feast)
16. Freestyle – Don’t Stop the Rock (Pandisc)

17. NEWS

18. 4E – 4E Speaking (Force Inc. Music Works)
19. Link – The First Link EP (Evolution / Universal Language Productions Ltd.)
20. The Chemical Brothers – Leave Home (Junior Boys Own)
21. DJ Who – Give a Little More (Defective)
22. Xpando – To a Nation Rockin (Metro)
23. Emmanuel Top – Lobotomie (Nova Mute)
24. Josh Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness (Original Tweekin’ Acid Funk Mix) (Manifesto)
25. Unknown – Acid Track
26. The Beatles – Tomorrow Never Knows (Parlophone)
27. God Within – Daylight (Dreamerdreamsalone) (Hardkiss Music)
28. The Chemical Brothers – Life is Sweet (Junior Boys Own)
29. Patrick Pulsinger – Dogmatic Sequences II EP [Citylights Part 2 (City Of Starsigns)] (Disko B)
30. Colourbox – Edit The Dragon (4AD)
31. The Specials – You’re Wandering Now (Chrysalis Music)



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