Schobbejak – The Prodigy Back Underground Mixtape

Get ready for the two and a half hour Prodigy marathon, just the Prodigy tracks are in the mix, but there is a serious number of tracks so its quite an interesting ride, its not a fast paced mix so you can enjoy in every track. Enjoy.

the prodigy fans audio defense new beats cover 1 1 copy



  1. Intro
  2. No Man Army (Feat. Tom Morello)
  3. The Trick
  4. Rat Poison
  5. Voodoo People (Chemical Brothers Remix)
  6. Diesel Power
  7. Poison (’95 EQ)
  8. Baby’s Got A Temper
  9. Weather Experience
  10. Everybody In The Place
  11. Pandemonium
  12. Rip Up The Sound System
  13. What Evil Lurks
  14. Charly (Original Mix)
  15. Speedway (Theme From Fastlane)
  16. Funky Shit
  17. Breathe
  18. Narayan
  19. Android
  20. Instruments Of Darkness (By Art Of Noise – Prodigy Remix)
  21. Smack My Bitch Up
  22. Break & Enter
  23. Crazy Man
  24. Charly (Beltram Says Mix)
  25. The Narcotic Suite – Skylined
  26. Firestarter Vs Firestarter (Instrumental)
  27. Memphis Belle
  28. No Good (Start The Dance)
  29. Fire (Edit)
  30. Jericho
  31. G Force (Energy Flow)
  32. Jericho (Genaside II Remix)
  33. Wind It Up (Forward Wind)
  34. Wind It Up (Rewound Edit)
  35. Wind It Up (Tightly Rewound)
  36. Out Of Space
  37. Voodoo People
  38. Made In Two Minutes (Prodigy Mix)
  39. Hyperspeed (G Force Part 2)
  40. One Love
  41. Hot Ride
  42. Phoenix
  43. Shoot Down
  44. Girls
  45. Mindfields
  46. Mindfields (Monkey Mafia Mix)
  47. Mindfields (Headrock Dub)
  48. Serial Thrilla
  49. The Narcotic Suite – 3 Kilos
  50. You’ll Be Under My Wheels
  51. Spitfire
  52. Release Yo’ Self (By Method Man – Prodigy Mix)
  53. Molotov Bitch
  54. Wind It Up (Bonus Beats

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