Eldy Vs The Prodigy – The Prodigy Mixtape

This is another mixtape with full spectrum of The Prodigy stuff but this one has a higher tempo so it can be quite interesting, mixing is ok and this mixtape is both old skool and nu skool style and you cant feel anything missing practically. Enjoy.

the prodigy fans audio defense new beats cover 1 1 copy



1. mindfields
2. warriors dance (remix)
3. spitfire
4. back to school
5. mescaline (molotov beatz remix)
6. no man army
7. thunder
8. omen (noisia remix)
9. invaders must die
10. girls
11. break and enter
12. we are the ruffest
13. music reach
14. wind it up
15. g-force
16. full throttle
17. everybody in the place (155 and rising)
18. one love
19. voodoo people (remastered)
20. worlds on fire
21. smack my bitch up
22. narayan
23. take me to the hospital
24. scienide


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