Ste Essence – The Prodigy Mix

This is old skool style mix featuring most of the classic Prodigy stuff,  there is only couple of entries related to IMD so this one goes as the tribute to the old skool and its quite a proper one. Enjoy.

the prodigy fans audio defense new beats cover 1 1 copy



  1. Crazy Man (Original mix)
  2. Charly (Alley Cat mix)
  3. Everybody in the place (Fairground mix)
  4. No Good (Original mix)
  5. No Good (Bad for you mix)
  6. One Love (Original mix)
  7. Out of Space (Original mix)
  8. Ruff in the Jungle Business (Uplifting vibes mix)
  9. Jericho (Original mix)
  10. Voodoo People (Original mix)
  11. Full Throttle (Original mix)
  12. Music Reach 1,2,3,4 (Original mix)
  13. Wind it Up (Rewound mix)
  14. Weather Experience (Top Buzz remix)
  15. Fire (Original mix)
  16. Fire (Sunrise mix)
  17. Firestarter (Ste Essence Edit)
  18. Rhythm of Life (Original mix)
  19. Scienide (Original mix)
  20. Smack My Bitch Up (Original mix)
  21. Warrior Dance (Original mix)
  22. Omen (Original mix)
  23. Pandemonium (Original mix)
  24. Hyperspeed (G force part 2)
  25. Girlz (Original mix)

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