The Prodigy Remixes By Eris

Eris is a russian producer and apparently a big Prodigy fan especially of old skool stuff, there is quite a few remixes here and all are old skool kind of mental drum and bass which he also labeled as darkstep, i think this kind of stuff is valuable as its quite rare and interesting and old skool is particulary valuable these days so you should definitely go through this collection of remixes.

the prodigy fans audio defense new remixed cover 1 1 copy



1. The Prodigy – ruff in the jungle bizness (EriS remix)
2. The Prodigy – G Force (EriS REMIX)
3. The Prodigy – Fire (EriS II remix)
4. The Prodigy – Manic (EriS- darkstep remix)
5. The Prodigy – We Gonna Rock (Crazy darkstep remix)
6. The Prodigy – Made in two minutes(original by bug kann   the plastic jam  remixed by liam howlett)(EriS II remix))
7. The Prodigy – Music reach (EriS darkstep remix)


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