Floyd The Barber – Last years of Big Beat Mix

Proper old skool big beat mix here, featuring top bands and artists from the late nineties. There is not too much of Prodigy in the mix but this one is full of serious big beat vibe with a bit of acid stuff from that period so it’s quite a nostalgia trip. Enjoy.

last years of big beat floyd the barber




  1. Cirrus – Time is running out
  2. Lunatic calm – The sound
  3. Junkie XL – No remorse
  4. Bonobo – Full stop
  5. Supercharger – Fuck The Quality, Feel The Width
  6. Psykosonik – Panic control
  7. Sniper – Crossfader Dominator
  8. Crystal Method – Keep hope alive
  9. Keoki – Me (wizard_of_oh’s_hardhop_remix)
  10. Dylan rhymes – naked and ashamed
  11. Omar Santana featuring T La Rock – Verbal Warfare
  12. Expansion union – Playing with lightening
  13. Frog Junkies – Air Guitar
  14. Prodigy – Narayan
  15. Chemical Brothers – Dig Your Own Hole
  16. Junkie XL – Def beat
  17. Elite force – Mainframme Wrekka
  18. Lunatic calm – Roll the dice
  19. Saki Kaskas – Amorphous Being
  20. Goon – Super blaster
  21. Rom Di Prisco – Liquid Plasma
  22. Rom Di Prisco – Bring That Beat Back

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