IQ – 130 – 160 Bpm Session – The Prodigy +

This mix is practically Prodigy oriented but there are also few other top artists from the classic electronic dance genre just to make it little more interesting. Enjoy the old skool themed mix.

the prodigy fans audio defense related old skool music cover 1



  1. Diesel Power, The Prodigy
  2. Block Rockin’ Beats, The Chemical Brothers
  3. Unfinished Sympathy, Massive Attack
  4. Gonna Make You Sweat, C&C Music Factory
  5. What Time Is Love, KLF
  6. Right Here, Right Now, Fatboy Slim
  7. Dare, Gorillaz
  8. Funky Shit, The Prodigy
  9. Go, Moby
  10. LFO, LFO
  11. Narayan, The Prodigy
  12. Breathe, The Prodigy
  13. Mentasm, Joey Beltram
  14. Smack My Bitch Up, The Prodigy
  15. Time, Chase & Status & Delilah
  16. Warrior’s Dance , The Prodigy
  17. Break & Enter, The Prodigy
  18. Omen, The Prodigy
  19. Firestarter, The Prodigy
  20. No Good (Start The Dance), The Prodigy
  21. Your Love, The Prodigy
  22. Out Of Space, The Prodigy
  23. Voodoo People, The Prodigy
  24. Everybody In The Place, The Prodigy
  25. –Fire, The Prodigy

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