DJ Tony D – The Prodigy Bootlegs Mix Part 2

This is another one in the series of the bootlegs mixes by dj Tony D and there will be at least one more. You got here 80 minutes of Prodigy vibes in various styles so this is pretty good stuff for a change, there is a lot of diverse stuff in this mix which is good for spreading the Prodigy love. Enjoy.

the prodigy fans audio defense new remixed cover 1 1 copy



1. climbatze [tim silence Egyptian dub]
2. girls [heavyweight bootleg mix]
3. take me to the hospital [?]
4. thunder [hovelman electro remix]
5. everybody in the place [bingo players mix]
6. no good [LED mix]
7. no good [arkasa mix]
8. hyperspeed [g force p2] [starchild mix]
9. voodoo people [planet rock mix]
10. spitfire [yay! bootleg mix]
11. your love [zoix re-luv mix]
12. out of space [natema bootleg]
13. warriors dance;[south central mx]
14. firestarter;[roof on fire mix]
15. skylined v no good v charly v wind it up v break n enter [paul Cronin mash up]
16. charly [scouse mix]
17. Jericho [spooky mushroom mix]
18. wind it up [rapriaz live mix]
19. breathe [ID mashmix]
20. stand up [damgroove mix]
21. your love [432Hz piano remix]
22. girls [amine edge mix]
23. take me to the hospital [2nd division mix]
24. funky shit [all out remix]



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