XL Recordings The Fourth Chapter – The Jonny L Mixtape

This mixtape really brings the good old days and its all about rave classics with a little bit of Prodigy, this is practically the showcase of club vibe from back in the day, this mixtape is from 1994. Enjoy the featured vibe and love the old skool.

the prodigy fans audio defense related xl recordings cover 2




1. Underworld – Rez

2. Illuminate (XVX.1) – Tremona Del Terra

3. Jonny L – Ooh Like It (Original Sin Edit)

4. Liquid – Free

5. Me And Jack – Viva House

6. Delta Lady – Anything You Want

7. The Prodigy – One Love (Original Mix)

8. Sourmash – Pilgrimage To Paradise

9. Jonny L – Transonic

10. The Prodigy – Weather Experience

11. Wiggle – Africa

12. Dome Patrol – The Cutting Edge


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