The Day Is My Enemy (Album) Remix Contest On Brainkiller Fansite

This is very serious treat for any hardcore Prodigy fan, there is 17 tracks total in this collection of contest entries, i have to say its not all serious vibe but you can find in here what you need if you love Prodigy and good music very much. Some vibe is actually quite serious and i think i couldnt wish for more when it comes to the second hand Prodigy vibe. I love what were The Prodigy fans doing with all those fan albums and remix albums i think thats the serious work and i did enjoy it and you have to enjoy it since its free and made with love. I think the contest is still in progress but you have all here and you can see for your self what is good and not. Check out the Brainkiller section for this contest Enjoy.




1. Beyond The Deathray (HLNGR’s Rhythm Bomb Mix)
2. Get your fight on (the spyral remix)
3. Nasty (TDT remix)
4. Wild Frontier (The Aquila Remix)
5. Roadblox (HLNGR’s Ravestyle Remix)
6. Invisible Sun (The Aquila Remix)
7. Rebel Radio (MoozeBlaster Remix)
8. Invisible Sun (HLNGR Mix)
9. Ibiza ft Sleaford Mods (The Aquila remix)
10. Rebel Radio (J Tyrer remix)
11. The day is my enemy (Moozeblaster remix)
12. Invisible Sun (Phantom IMG mix)
13. Medicine (R.Ki Remix)
14. Medicine (Electro Pioneer Remix)
15. Beyond The Deathray (Thermonuclearity Remix)
16. Nasty (Thermonuclearity Remix)

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