The Prodigy Gegamix By ElectrowaveZ

This shit is definitelly sick and insane cause you got here all Prodigy vibe from first 3 albums during the 6 minutes interval. I think this doesnt makes much sense for some enjoyment and listening but its definitelly interesting and you can use this to promote The Prodigy old skool discography. Enjoy.

the prodigy fans audio defense new beats cover 1 1 copy



1- Out Of Space
2- Charly
4- Ruff in the Jungle Bizness
5- G-Force, Pt. 2 (Hyperspeed)
6- Fire
7- Music Reach
8- Everybody in the Place
9- The Heat
10- One Love
11- Their Law”
12- Their Law
13- Break & Ente
14- Voodoo People
15- No Good
17-Smack My Bitch Up
18- Breathe
19- Firestarter
20- Mindfields
21- Funky Shit
22- Narayan
23-Diesel Power


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