The Prodigy Mixtapes By ZX

ZX is the hardcore Prodigy fan from Serbia and he pays a proper tribute to the band with a set of 3 complementary mixtapes each one going deeper into The Prodigy beats. The first mixtape brings forward a more relevant Prodigy stuff with tracks from MFTJG, TFOTL and TDIME, the second one goes deeper with tracks from Experience, AONO and IMD and the third one wins greatest depth with all kinds of rarities unfamiliar to the wider audience, so at the end you got here a 3 step education/path into the Prodigy which is a proof that The Prodigy is not shallow and some funy phenomenon revolving only around the hits that everyone knows, there is so much to The Prodigy to appreciate and embrace. Enjoy the knowledge.

the prodigy fans audio defense new beats cover 1 1 copy


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