Old Skool Rave Music Funky Roots “Give Me A Break” Mix By DJ SelectaBwoy

Everybody who wants to get deeper into the world of music should find this mix interesting, by listening to this you will find that many things for the old skool electronic/rave music were set long before it actually appeared in the 90’s. This mix is made 100% of old skool funk from 70’s and 80’s which is not mellow and all our electronic love from 90’s was born only by its evolution and not as something different. In this mix are present samples used by The Prodigy and by the whole old skool rave movement especially in hardcore breakbeat and jungle music. It is that this kind of music influenced Liam Howlett himself very much so you should try to understand this too.

the prodigy fans audio defense related old skool music cover 1


The Winstons – Amen, Brother
Isaac Hayes – Breakthrough
The Chosen Few – Funky Buttercup
The Commodores – Assembly Line
The Isley Brothers – Get Into Something
Rotary Connection – Life Could
The Head Hunters – God Made Me Funky
Kool & The Gang – N.T.
Kool & The Gang – Give It Up
James Brown – Funky Drummer
Funk Inc. – Kool Is Back
Vibrettes – Humpty Dump
James Brown – Cold Sweat
Kool & The Gang – Chocolate Buttermilk
Bobby Byrd – Hot Pants (I’m Comin’)
Lyn Collins – Think
Kurtis Blow – Do The Do
Ten City – Devotion (Voice of Paradise mix)
Lightnin’ Rod – Sport
Blowfly – Sesame Street
Tommy Roe – Sweet Pea
Michael Viner’s Incredible Bongo Band – Apache
Dennis Coffey – Scorpio
Weather Report – Non-Stop Home
Jimmy McGriff – The Worm
Bernard Purdie – Soul Drums
Ike Turner & The Kings Of Rhythm – Funky Mule
James Brown – Soul Pride
James Brown – Tighten Up
Black Heat – Love The Life You Live


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