“Everybody In The Place” – 1991 Old Skool Mix By Shane

Ok this one is as true as it gets when it comes to the old skool so this mix is not about Prodigy but thats important because the mix is named by their song and songs remix is in it. This mix comes from a real old skool rave music enthusiast who doesnt have a single Prodigy mixtape on his mixcloud so this is a real proof that Prodigy was on top of the game. At first when i found this mixtape i expected to hear a decent amount of Prodigy in  it but then i realised this is actually a true old skool experience and Prodigy’s song is being used as a reference for it. This is important because most of the hard old skool rave music dj’s and enthusiast’s are trying to avoid Prodigy as much as they can even though they were on top of the game but as many Prodigy fans don’t realise they are not the pinnacle of it so thats the situation with The Prodigy and the old skool. Old skool is bigger than The Prodigy and its important to know that not only the  hardcore Prodigy fans connect to them. So i think this is what you really want to hear if you are The Prodigy fan and also the old skool music lover.

the prodigy fans audio defense related old skool music cover 1

Artists included: Bizarre Inc, Quadrophonia, Zero Zero, Culture Shock, Reincarnated Regulator…


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