Free Second Hand Vibe Summary (Blog Posts) – Soundcloud Collection

This is collection of all the tracks posted in the ‘get it‘ category, its all the second hand vibe like remixes and mashups or covers. This is all good vibe which was downloadable at the moment of its posting and as the time passes it could turn out to be unavailable for that, this playlist will be updated continuously as the new vibe gets posted on the blog, open the playlist on the Soundcloud website to get vibe. Enjoy.

soundcloud free tracks 3

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Leeroy Thornhill Live Sets Collection (’04 – ’09)

This is collection of fine breakbeat sets by Leeroy and many sets are amplified with good dose of Prodigy, these sets are quite strong and beside Prodigy vibe they are rich with rock and other heavy vibes. This period of time for which the collection aplies is characteristical for more heavy breakbeat which i think is missing these days. I think this collection is very valuable and i uploaded all the sets i had. Enjoy.

leeroy thornhill live cover 2 copy

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Huskii – What Sample Lurks (The Prodigy Samples Mixtape)

If you are a hardcore Prodigy fan than you really need this mix in your life, songs in this mixtape represent musical tastes of Liam and the whole gang and are also the roots of The Prodigy. There is all kinds of music in this mixtape, Liam sampled funk, hip hop, rock, reggae and other. I think this is really a serious trip and this music is definitely for more mature audience because there is practically nothing contemporary here. This is what is Prodigy all about, heavy, serious, old skool. Enjoy.

the prodigy fans audio defense related sampled music cover 1

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The Prodigy Remix Albums Collection (2014)

There are several unofficial remix albums of Prodigy and they are practically all fan type of thing, besides those more or less known that were done by fans i added here also the remixed editions of MFTJG and TFOTL that were compiled by me. This is just about the whole albums being remixed so i wanted to make this easier checking out and i think this issue is quite important and interesting.

the prodigy fans audio defense new remixed cover 1 1 copy

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The Prodigy Rarities/Unreleased (Covers/Demos/Reworks)

This issue is quite a serious one and i think i succeded in making a solid collection of proper “studio” versions¬† of live unreleased stuff, of course there is probably more of this stuff somewhere and i frenkly don’t believe that i am aware of everything, but i dont believe there is much of that stuff anyway this collection will be more than helpful to someone who doesn’t know much about Prodigy. This unreleased stuff is top Prodigy stuff so everyone will enjoy it. There are two bonus live tracks that had to become a part of this collection (i couldn’t put corresponding “studio” versions). Enjoy 97 minutes of hardcore Prodigy stuff.

the prodigy Rarities-unreleased (covers-demos-reworks) 2 copy

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AONO Remixed – “Top Or None” Remixes Collection (2014)

AONO is a very special album and many tracks from it are practically impossible to be remixed if i may say that, i mean that there is not much to get from that operation and you could say its a fact that there will probably never be a good remix for almost half of the tracks so i decided to make this collection of remixes that represent practically a definitive value for this matter, only six good remixes make this collection and i think that there is no point in putting more if they are meaningless, this is top so everybody can enjoy this.

the prodigy aono top remixed collection copy 1

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