This is page for all the downloads which i don’t want to post as usually for certain reasons.


The Prodigy – The Fat Mixes

This is rare kind of bootleg it’s practicaly a remixed version of The Fat Of The Land album, the remixes are actualy done by unknown artist and they are practicaly home made, this is interesting release and it’s almost the same as The Fat Of The Mix bootleg. This bootleg is from 1997 and it comes from UK.



1 Smack My Bitch Up (Snack’o’smack Mix)
2 Diesel Power (Snake Break Mix)
3 Breathe (Like An Aphex Twin Mix)
4 Funky Shit (Sweep Mix)
5 Serial Killer (Bloodsport Mix)
6 Mindfields (Circles Mix)
7 Narayan (Goa Tribe Mix)
8 Firestarter (Roof On Fire Mix)
9 Climbatize (Trigger Mountain Mix)
10 Fuel My Fire (M.B. Cee Mix)
11 Firestarter (Cold-Cut & Stop Mix)
12 Breathe (Dub Nize Mix)



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