VA – The Fat Of The Land Remixed

This is compilation of remixes that together make a remixed version of The Prodigy The Fat Of The Land album, this is my attempt to make new experience out of this album by using appropriate remixes, this is like new version of a mentioned album, i hope it gets interesting.


1. Smack My Bitch Up (Noisia Remix)
2. Breathe (Zeds Dead Remix)
3. Diesel Power (Dirtchamber Remix)
4. Funky Shit (Busta ReMix)
5. Serial Thrilla (Bloodsport Mix)
6. Mindfields (Monkey Mafia Mix)
7. Narayan (Diode Remix)
8. Firestarter (Alvin Risk Remix)
9. Climbatize (Christopher D`Abuc Mix)
10. EKTOMORF – Fuel My Fire (The Prodigy Cover)


The Prodigy Live Unreleased Unrealized Rare

This is compilation of rare and unreleased live tracks in good quality which are interesting part of The Prodigy work and experience.


1.Beat 55 (2008)
2.Dead Ken Beats (2005)
3.Gabba (1994)
4.Ghost Town (1998)
5.Live Beats (1994)
6.Now Hear Dis (= Lose Your Mind = Acid Break) (1994)
7.Rock ‘N’ Roll (Heavy Guitar Version) (1995)
8.Vogue (1995)
9.Warning (2005)


The Prodigy Rarities (Compilation)

This is compilation of rare tracks which are not featured on an album or otherwise or aren’t common amongst listeners but are a valuable part of The Prodigy music and experience.


1. The Prodigy – Mescaline
2. The Prodigy – We Eat Rhythm (Original Mix)
3. The Prodigy – Gabba
4. The Prodigy – Crazy Man
5. The Prodigy – Ghost Town
6. The Prodigy – Who U Foolin
7. The Prodigy – First Warning
8. The Prodigy – The Shadow
9. The Prodigy – Who The Fuk Is Eddy Cochran
10. The Prodigy – We Gonna Rock
11. The Prodigy – Rip Up The Sound System
12. The Prodigy – Death Of The Prodigy Dancers (Studio Version)



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