“Everybody In The Place” – 1991 Old Skool Mix By Shane - Ok this one is as true as it gets when it comes to the old skool so this mix is not about Prodigy but thats important because the mix is named by their song and songs remix is in it. This mix comes from a real old skool rave music enthusiast who doesnt have a […]
Old Skool Rave Music Funky Roots “Give Me A Break” Mix By DJ SelectaBwoy - Everybody who wants to get deeper into the world of music should find this mix interesting, by listening to this you will find that many things for the old skool electronic/rave music were set long before it actually appeared in the 90’s. This mix is made 100% of old skool funk from 70’s and 80’s […]
‘Best Of XL Recordings’ Mixes By DJ Stephen Bolton - You have here proper/classical XL Recs mixtapes which start off with most popular artists like Prodigy, SL2 and Kicks Like A Mule to finish off with lesser known names or tracks to make things more true. Sessions are about 30 mins each so you can easily go through them to get into nostalgia about the […]
Epileptics Live At El Plaza Condesa (MEX) 2016 (Opening Set For The Prodigy) - Epileptics is quite a distinctive band known for their heavy and dark type identity so its totally irrelevant that they are quite small in compare to The Prodigy for them to play along them if they are good and they are. They were about all things heavy and rave so their performance was a time […]
The Prodigy TDIME Official 2015 Tour Set By DJ Toby One - Dj Toby One is one of the lucky guys to be performing on The Prodigy’s tour and he was chosen to amplify the performances of Public Enemy and  The Prodigy with heavy hip hop and bass vibes so the whole event gets as true and powerful as possible. There is nothing unwise about The Prodigy […]
XL Recordings The Chapters Compilations Mixes By DJ Smuttysy - This is a serious tribute to the famous music label with first 4 chapters compilations being mixed up for proper enjoyment, its never enough of glorifying the old skool and XL Recordings is good starting point since it brought the best from the 90’s rave scene. XL was one of the symbols of the undergound […]


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